Sunday, August 10, 2014

Shopping Day

Today we have spent most of the day shopping.  Shopping for groceries, more school supplies, soccer stuff, and shoes. B&B picked out new, bigger lunch boxes.  Brooks wanted Spider-Man and Brynn wanted Doc McStuffins.  They also got to pick new sheets to take to school to use with their mats at naptime.  Brynn picked pink polka dot and Brooks picked one that had all different kinds of balls.  
Brynn also needed new tennis shoes for school.  We went to Rack Room Shoes and let her shop!  We were there awhile.  Here's the shoes she picked.
She carried them to the register and paid for them herself.  Talk about serious business!

We also stopped by to see the Mack's.  They have a new puppy, Lola.  She's soooo tiny and all three kids loved her.  I think Brynn actually liked her the most.
But we all got give her some pets!

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