Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Peek Into The Classroom

These are pictures from a few days of school.  I took some of them and others are from Mrs. Christy Wood, their teacher.

The day begins by walking up to the classroom.  They put their lunchboxes on the card, put their folders in the cubbie, and backpacks go into their locker.

After circle time, they are presented various lessons. Brooks and Brynn also do various "works" that are designed to teach them daily practical life responsibilities.

There is also time to read books. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See has been this weeks book.  They also learned the song Bubblegum, Ohewy Chewy.  I have been able to eat lunch with the class a few times.

They even have responsibilities such as being the door holder or line caboose ( even though Brynn considers herself the line leader!!!)

Brooks and Brynn do a lot of work at school but there is also plenty of time for playing and having a matching band parade.

Being a three year old in school is a lot of work and fun. Daddy and Mommy couldn't be prouder of them!

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