Friday, May 30, 2014

Selling our house

Another catch up post.  Seems like there's never enough time in the day around here but adding in selling our house and looking for a new one and it's all kinds of crazy around here.  We put our house on the market this past Sunday around lunch time.  By dinner someone wanted to come look at it.  By the next day (Memorial Day) 5 more people wanted to come look at it.  So, we evacuated on Memorial Day because we had so many people scheduled to see our house.  Here's what we did.  We went to Taco Bell for lunch.
And then we went to Charlie Daniels Park.  I thought it would be packed because it was Memorial Day, but we had the playground mostly to ourselves.

Bailee was perfectly happy to sit outside and watch her brother & sister play.
She played with her Dad's hat some too. And then she sat there and ate some sweet potatoes.
We also did some exploring and played in the gazebo.
We decided this was a good spot for a snack break.
Then we walked back to car for nap time. We still had an hour before we could go back home so we drove around and looked at some houses while the kids all napped.  We got home to find that every single person that had looked at our house made an offer on it!!  By the time we went to bed that night we had sold our house for $5,000 above our asking price.  Who knew selling your house was as easy as spending a day at the park?!?

Thursday, May 29, 2014


We received multiple offers on our house and went under contract in under one day. After many days of searching, we decided on this house.  It has everything a family of 5 needs. Plenty of space, 4 bedrooms, and a level fenced in yard that backs up to the woods.   Hope they like our offer!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Monday, May 26, 2014

Today they are three

Today B&B turned three, for real.  We had a morning of playing with new birthday toys, Daddy took them to pick up special lunch and we went to Cracker Barrel for birthday dinner.  
They both asked for chicken and French fries for dinner, so that's what they got!  Along with some okra & macaroni and cheese.  Brynn also asked for chocolate milk.
They did a lot of good playing while we waited on the food!

I told our server it was B&B's birthday and she came back with a whole group of people and they sang 'Happy Birthday' and brought them both hot fudge sundaes!  We didn't know they were about to do that so I didn't get a picture.  Brooks liked it, but it made Brynn nervous.  However, I'm certain she enjoyed the ice cream enough to make up for the nervousness!
Bailee had been asleep in her carseat for most of the time but she finally got up and joined the party!
This was the first time we had put her in a high chair at a restaurant.  She did great!  She was super happy the whole time and ate some squash for dinner while B&B ate their ice cream.
Three high chairs at one table. Ha!
When we got home we went out back and Brianna (our neighbor) came over to play.  They had lawn mower races the rest of the night.
Happy Birthday, Brooks and Brynn.  We love you soooo much!  You are the world's best three year olds.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

After the party....

....everyone took a nap.  B&B requested to sleep with the balloons they got from Carson & Kenzie.
....they tried on their new helmets.
....Brooks attempted to assemble his scooter.
...we went outside and blew some bubbles.
Bailee tried on her new bathing suit.
And we played with coloring books and markers and stickers and stamps and balls and did some bowling and golfing and washed their new bedding and read some books and took a bath and ate some more cake and strawberries.  
And Mommy and Daddy each took a picture because it is the last night we'll have three kids under three years old.
 This was a very fun day!

Third Birthday Party

 Today we celebrated Brooks and Brynn turning 3 years old.  Their birthday is on Sunday, but we had a cookout a day early.
 Pa Lyle and Pops supervised  Daddy while he grilled hamburgers and hotdogs.
 Brooks, Brynn, Johnathan, and Eli sat at the picnic table together and enjoyed cousin time.
 Brooks has always been a big fan of corn on the cob.

 They each had a "cow" cake and got to chose their own three farm themed candles.
 Brooks blew out his candles after we all sang Happy Birthday...
Then he helped Brynn out with hers.

Posing with presents!
There was golf to be played
Pools to play in

Presents to roll around on.
And cake to be eaten!


 Happy Birthday Brooks and Brynn!!!  We love you very much!


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Preparing to Party

Today we celebrated Brooks and Brynn's third birthday with a farm party and cookout.  Nana, P-Pa, Pa, and Granny came early (before most of us were even out of our pajamas!) to help us get set up.  Brooks, Brynn, Pa and P-Pa and the most fun blowing up the balloons!

Bailee got ready by eating her peaches and oatmeal.
Then she watched Granny cut up strawberries.
I had picked up the cookies, cupcakes and cakes yesterday.  My friend Heather made them all.

And once all the food was out we were ready to party!