Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hello summer

Even though we are really busy with getting the house packed up, we've tried to still have a little fun with the kids.  And nothing says summer fun like snap and pops...

....and lightening bugs!

More hiding places

More hiding places is one of the best things about packing up your stuff!

Last night for B&B

Tonight is the last night B&B will be sleeping in their rooms at this house.  We talked about it before they went to bed.  They are excited about going to Nana & P-Pa's house tomorrow and having a new bedroom in a new house when they come back.

Continuing to Train

Brooks was a student of Daddy and P-Pa's grill master school. He helped us prepare chicken, ribs, and hotdogs last Sunday.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tired Little Ones

Nothing special or crazy going on today. Just cute kids sleeping!

He fell asleep with his bouncy ball.  

Bailee is getting in the habit of continuing her nap sleeping on Daddy.  She wakes up and then falls back asleep on me.  Holding a sleeping Bailee must be documented because it doesn't happen often!

First Bible School

B&B were old enough to go to bible school this year.  Here they are on the first day.
They were excited and ready to play toys when I left.  A few of their preschool friends were also in their class.  
After I left, Brooks decided maybe he didn't actually like bible school and did a little crying.  He logged some Parker time and felt better.  Here's what Brynn had to say about the first day, "I had so much fun and Brooks cried like a little baby.  I don't think he likes bible school". Lol!
Brynn loved it the entire time.  Brooks did too after the second day.  Here they are on their last day wearing their t-shirts and holding some special handprint bags they made this week.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Crazy hair

P-Pa, Nana, Pa, and Granny came for a visit today.  I was working on sorting and packing stuff from the attic.  I found a couple of wigs from old Halloween costumes.  Hilarity ensued.


B&B have always loved shredded Mexican cheese.  It was one if their first 'real' foods.  Keeping with the tradition we let Bailee try it.  
I think it might be her new favorite too.

Less Than A Week To Go

Less than a week to go before the move and the garage is filling up!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cookout at Nana & P-Pa's

Today we went to a cookout at P-Pa and Nana's house.  Many of the Donaldson clan was there, including Uncle Randy.
B&B enjoyed Aunt Linda's chocolate cobbler.

These kids hasn't seen each other in awhile due to back to back vacations.
There was lots of playing, running, golf cart riding, and watching the tractor (Uncle Sam was racking & bailing hay). 
And then, because summer is the perfect time for it, everyone had a Popsicle.  Even Bailee.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Coffee Milk

Brooks always wants to be like his Daddy.  He likes to do many of the same things and tries to imitate him.  Every morning, Daddy and Pa Lyle would have their coffee.  Of course, Brooks can't drink coffee, but he can drink his milk in a coffee cup.  This is how coffee milk was born.  He felt like such a grown up big boy.  Daddy loved sitting around with him enjoying their coffee!

Here Crabby Crabby Crabby!!!

One of the best beach activities is hunting little sand crabs.  They are very active in the morning and evening.  The crabs dig holes all over the beach and scurry around.  The kids became pretty good hunters last summer and were excited to try it again.

 It is important to have a game plan when crab hunting.

 Brooks and Brynn had to show Granny Lerion the ropes.  One of the most important parts is calling the crabs.  Brooks and Brynn use the Here Crabby Crabby Crabby call.

 Sometimes you have to get down to capture the elusive crabs.

Here is one that had been captured. Most of them were very small, however there were some much bigger ones.

 We all had flash lights and head lamps to help spot the crabs at night.  This is what we looked like from the beach house.  You can see all of the lights as we hunted for the crabs.  The entire group had a lot of success hunting for them.  It was a lot of fun and something that happened every night.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Kite Flying

What is a trip to the beach without a kite?  The breeze off the ocean makes flying one a snap.  The kids really enjoyed it, and it quickly became a favorite activity. 

 Brooks became the kite master over the trip.  He wanted to fly it several times a day.  He took his work very serious and even tried to make it do cool tricks.  Even Bailee enjoyed watching it fly,

 Brynn showing off her proper kite flying form.  She would stand very still and let the breeze do most of the work for her.

 Bailee tried her hand at it, too.  However she needed her P-Pa's guidance and assistance!  What a team!

What a Fun Time Flying Kites!


Thursday, June 19, 2014


Today is half priced milkshake day at Sonic.  The perfect after dinner summer treat!
Brooks got chocolate and Brynn got strawberry.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pool time!

Bailee had her first visit to the pool this afternoon.  
She couldn't wait to get in! 
She did lots of kicking, walking around, and watching the kids play.
Of course B&B had a ball, too.