Friday, October 10, 2014

Opening Night

Last night was Opening Night for the Predators. We are all on fall break this week, so a weeknight game was a perfect chance to have a guys night out.  The girls did some pretty cool stuff too!

First, we all got dressed in our Pred gold.

After the boys left for the game, the girls got into Momma's jewelry box.  The played dress up with fancy bracelets and necklaces.

I heard that a lot of ice cream was eaten, girl shows were watched, and most of important, a lot of snuggles, tickels, and love.

Meanwhile, Daddy and Brooks had a great time. We enjoyed some hockey and popcorn. We stayed until halfway through the third period. Brooks watched the game and asked lots of questions. He even yelled at the opposing team when they got near our goal. No No Ottawa!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fun at the fair

Tonight we had dinner at the fair.

And then we got special stamps so you could ride all the rides you wanted!

And went straight for the carousel line.
 Then we met up with Parker.
You guys had so. much. fun.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How do you watch tv?

Soccer Player

That's our future soccer star before his first practice.  He was really excited to go but once he got there he decided he didn't want to do it.  He had been sick the day before so Jay wasn't sure if that's why he didn't want to participate or not.  Today was his second practice and I took him.  He was nervous when we got there but he started getting more into it about half way through practice.
Of course we had to take plenty of water breaks!
All the kids on his team are older than him by almost two years.  We didn't realize that he would be on a team with kids that much older, but maybe it will work out ok.  We'll try again next week!

Steamed Broccoli

This week I cooked steamed broccoli for Bailee.  It was messy.  She loved it.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Peek Into The Classroom

These are pictures from a few days of school.  I took some of them and others are from Mrs. Christy Wood, their teacher.

The day begins by walking up to the classroom.  They put their lunchboxes on the card, put their folders in the cubbie, and backpacks go into their locker.

After circle time, they are presented various lessons. Brooks and Brynn also do various "works" that are designed to teach them daily practical life responsibilities.

There is also time to read books. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See has been this weeks book.  They also learned the song Bubblegum, Ohewy Chewy.  I have been able to eat lunch with the class a few times.

They even have responsibilities such as being the door holder or line caboose ( even though Brynn considers herself the line leader!!!)

Brooks and Brynn do a lot of work at school but there is also plenty of time for playing and having a matching band parade.

Being a three year old in school is a lot of work and fun. Daddy and Mommy couldn't be prouder of them!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Shopping Day

Today we have spent most of the day shopping.  Shopping for groceries, more school supplies, soccer stuff, and shoes. B&B picked out new, bigger lunch boxes.  Brooks wanted Spider-Man and Brynn wanted Doc McStuffins.  They also got to pick new sheets to take to school to use with their mats at naptime.  Brynn picked pink polka dot and Brooks picked one that had all different kinds of balls.  
Brynn also needed new tennis shoes for school.  We went to Rack Room Shoes and let her shop!  We were there awhile.  Here's the shoes she picked.
She carried them to the register and paid for them herself.  Talk about serious business!

We also stopped by to see the Mack's.  They have a new puppy, Lola.  She's soooo tiny and all three kids loved her.  I think Brynn actually liked her the most.
But we all got give her some pets!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saturday with the Browns

Misty, LJ, and Keelin came over this afternoon.  They wanted to see our new house and we were going to take the kids to the splash pad at Charlie Daniels Park.  After they got here we were afraid it might rain, so we decided to play in the backyard instead.  

And it did rain.  Which resulted in a beautiful rainbow.
So we sat on our screened in deck and enjoyed it.  Brynn was wearing a rainbow shirt and rainbow necklace today so she was overjoyed to see a real rainbow.
We love our screened in porch so much. Even though it was raining we could still enjoy being outside!
Then we had pizza and cookies for dinner.  Fun day!!

Second day of school

So here's how the first week of school was supposed to start for B&B:
Wednesday - half day
Thursday - no school
Friday - half day
Wednesday went great.  Thursday morning Brooks was being very lazy and saying he didn't feel well.  After one day of school he was down for the count with a fever.
He ran a fever around 101 until he went to bed for the night.  This meant no school for him on Friday.  He was not happy about this when he got up and Brynn was getting ready and I told him he wasn't going to be able to go.  Brynn was excited about her second day!
Brooks looked so pitiful watching Brynn and Daddy leave.

Brynn had a really good second day.  She told me she has a new friend named Katherine and that when they had circle time and got to say their favorite animal she said "horsey".  She also said she cried just a little bit at lunch time.  When I asked why she said, "because I missed my 'brutter' sooooo much".  
I got this text from their teacher on Friday from Mrs. Wood:  We have had a great two days. Ask your children to retell the story Brown Bear Brown Bear. Reminder we are napping on Monday.

Meet the Coach

Today, I took Brooks to the soccer complex to meet his coach.  He is playing for Central Tennessee Soccer here in Mt. Juliet.

He has two coaches. Coach Linda and her grandson, Coach Jason.

He will practice on Tuesday nights with Saturday being game day. They have a lot of fields for the kids to play on.

While Daddy listened to people talk, Brooks took to the practice fields.

Here's to a great, fun upcoming season of soccer!