Saturday, August 9, 2014

Second day of school

So here's how the first week of school was supposed to start for B&B:
Wednesday - half day
Thursday - no school
Friday - half day
Wednesday went great.  Thursday morning Brooks was being very lazy and saying he didn't feel well.  After one day of school he was down for the count with a fever.
He ran a fever around 101 until he went to bed for the night.  This meant no school for him on Friday.  He was not happy about this when he got up and Brynn was getting ready and I told him he wasn't going to be able to go.  Brynn was excited about her second day!
Brooks looked so pitiful watching Brynn and Daddy leave.

Brynn had a really good second day.  She told me she has a new friend named Katherine and that when they had circle time and got to say their favorite animal she said "horsey".  She also said she cried just a little bit at lunch time.  When I asked why she said, "because I missed my 'brutter' sooooo much".  
I got this text from their teacher on Friday from Mrs. Wood:  We have had a great two days. Ask your children to retell the story Brown Bear Brown Bear. Reminder we are napping on Monday.

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