Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Roller Coaster Riding

What fun is it to go to the fair if you don't get some rides in!?! This "roller coaster" was Parker's favorite. I was a little nervous he wouldn't like it so we watched people ride it first and he still wanted to ride. Uncle J said he would ride with him so I could try to get some pics. Unfortunately, all of the ones I tried to get when the roller coaster was zooming by didn't turn out. Parker was loving every minute of it though. He was cheesing out the entire time they were moving!!

Here's Parker and J loading up. I was starting to wonder if J was going to fit!
J and Parker patiently waiting for more people to get on so they can start the ride.
Parker noticing his Aunt Steph taking pics and waving at me. (:

A pic of the roller coaster set up. Hopefully he can go back and ride again before the fair is gone!

Garden idea

I saw this interesting contraption at the fair. They are using it to grow cucumbers, but I would think it might be useful for squash and other stuff too if you wanted to take the time to set it up. Just wanted to share with all of you gardeners!!

Farming at the fair

Me, Jay and Parker went to Wilson County Fair on Monday night. They had a tent set up called "farmer for a day" where there were several farming activities set up and people there to show the kids what to do. Parker loved it!

Check out his cow milking technique!

He was pretty good at gathering eggs, too. You can't see in the pic but they gave him a bucket to gather eggs in and he had to check under all of the chicken nests.
This was just a big chicken they set up and when they hit a button it would cackle and lay big, bright colored eggs. He couldn't give them back to the lady fast enough so that she could make the chicken lay the eggs again. Luckily there was a potato pit to distract him.

This next pic is Parker digging potatoes. Turns out he's a pretty good potato digger.

Digging potatoes is a lot of fun, I think we found EVERY potato in the potato digging pit. :)