Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Secret Agent Man

Mission for Secret Agent P: Acquire sunglasses from your Uncle J. Wear them at night to look super cool.

Mission Accomplished.

Christmas in Winchester

A couple of pics from Christmas in Winchester.

Below is Micah. He is two (one month older than Parker). He was very patient about waiting for his mom to get all of his toys open and ready for him to play with. I think his fav my have been the rug for driving his cars around that J and I got for him. You can see him eyeing it in the pic (and a bunch of his other Christmas loot behind him).
This is Elizabeth. She is four. Her favorite present was a toy ironing board. She ironed every piece of cloth she could get her hands on! Besides opening presents and ironing, she was able to make time to color with me and we put together a puzzle of five mermaids having a pizza party.
My sister-in-law has more cute pics but I wasn't smart enough to figure out how to copy them from Snapfish to my desktop. If anyone else knows a trick for that, let me know.

Cousins at Christmas

New Year's Resolution

My New Year's Resolution is to be better at nice mail! What is nice mail you say? Here's how nice mail got started. I had some Christmas photos I wanted to mail to Emily so I ask her to write down her address for me. She wrote her e-mail and handed it back. I said "No, I want your mailing address, I am going to send you mail."
She excitedly replied, "I am going to get "nice" mail, the only thing I ever get is bills!"
So I started sending Emily and Tracie(when she lived in Cookeville) nice mail. At first I was very good at it sending something almost every week or even more often. They both said they went to the mailbox everyday watching for it. Stephanie and Jay and Joey and Parker and Aimee sometimes still get nice mail but not on a regular basis. I slacked off!
Sometimes nice mail is just a card, sometimes it's socks or small items I can mail. Nice mail may just be a note or a joke or a photo. I saw a list one time where people had listed the top ten things that made them happy and getting mail was one of the things people listed. So. . . I am going to try really hard to be a better nice mailer this year. I got a big box of note cards for a Christmas gift so I have no excuse. I better get started. . . .
If you are not on the nice mail list and you want some mail that does not charge you or ask you for anything, just e-mail me and tell me to Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me and your nice mail will be on the way!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Trooper Gibson and his new best friend...(His Patrol Car)

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came to Eddie's graduation, and for all your support while he was in school. I think he is really going to like his new job once he gets going (the first few days have been a little tough- well, no, let me correct that- alot tough) We just found out yesterday that we are going to have to travel back and forth to Cookeville for at least a year. I guess in my mind, I thought everything would be back to normal once he finished school, but it's not gonna turn out that way. Oh well, we'll just make the best of it.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Movies

I felt like we needed a new post so let's discuss holiday movies. If you haven't seen it, or even if you have, I recommend Love Actually. It's kind of a non-traditional holiday movie, but it's my fav. What's your favorite holiday movie?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's Camille's Birthday

Happy, Happy Birthday to Camille! She won't post but she reads Who Wouldn't Want to Be Us!
Hope you have a great day. We missed you at Thanksgiving, so I guess we will see you in a couple of weeks for Christmas. Eat cake and enjoy your day.