Thursday, August 27, 2009

Zip Line!!

Joey and I went to Gatlinburg last weekend and we got the chance to ride this zipline. It had 6 different lines we rode and at some points we were 250 feet up in the air and above the trees!

We didn't buy the pictures they took there, but we were able to see them online. (So, I swiped a few off their website) Hopefully noone from that company will ever gain access to this blog! Click on them if you want to see a bigger one.

Here I am, nervous, going off the very first one:

After I realized I probably wasn't going to die

It started to get more fun

Here's Joey coming off the first jump

If you wanted to slow down you had to do it yourself, notice how Joey is braking

Joey coming in for his landing

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Remember this magazine. It's been around for 60 years now. We received an ad this week wanting us to subscribe. It made me remember how much I loved this publication when I was little. I have always been a collector of reading materials, I guess I'm afraid I will read everything and nothing will be left! I mainly saw this magazine in a doctor's or dentist's office, so I would gather all the issues they had and put them in my lap to pass the time. I especially loved the hidden picture puzzles. The artists who draw these are very talented. I can remember being especially mad if I found that someone had circled the pictures with a pencil. I wanted to find them! You might also remember the rebus stories or the Timber Toes comics in Highlights.
After looking over the ad, thinking that Parker might enjoy it, I decided to check to see if they had a website. Highlights was immediately googled and you will never believe what I found.
Go here.
See it for yourself!
It's hidden picture puzzles. On many different levels. Lots and lots of hidden picture puzzles. They are so fancy on this site. When you find the object it dances or makes a noise and moves over to the puzzle key. When you complete it the entire picture colors itself. I am in hidden picture puzzle heaven! There are just some things that you never outgrow!

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