Tuesday, April 29, 2014

School day - start & finish

B&B had a fun day at preschool today.  But their favorite parts had to he how it started and ended.

When we went in this morning their table was covered in yellow paper so that they could draw all over the table.  They were so excited about it.

When I go pick them up the first thing they ask for when they get in the car is a snack.  Today me and Bailee had been out and about and I forgot to pick up their snack cups.  I bought some graham crackers while we were out, but the only thing I had to put them in was a couple of hats Brynn had left in the car.  This was the funniest thing ever to them.  They kept saying, "Mommy!!  Hahahaha".  
But it sure didn't stop them from eating!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Good bye baby beds

Today we took out the cribs that had converted to a toddler day bed and moved in actual toddler beds for Brooks and Brynn.  They were very excited about helping!  Here they are working on taking Brynn's bed apart.

And then they moved on to Brooks's room.

They were both very excited about being so 'big'.
They took their afternoon naps in their new beds and are now sound asleep for the night.  They never missed a beat.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Family Cookout

We had a full house tonight. Jody, Shirley, Elizabeth, Grandmama, and Laura came over to play and eat.

Grandmama getting in some good Bailee holding.  Somehow, Bailee even talked her into feeding her 

It was such a nice April evening, most 
everyone spent as much time outside as possible.

Shirley and Lizzie Mae did some outside supervising.

Elizabeth is always good to hold a hand,

Push a toy,

Hold a sweet little girl,

Or be the leader of a dance party! We need to get this group together more often!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Brynn's Word of the Day

The "bunny" brought Brynn these NACHOS at P-Pa and Nana's house for Easter.  Her NACHOS haven't left her neck since!!  We have said binoculars many times, but she just can't get it out right. If you ask her to repeat binoculars, it is B-NACHOS!!!!!

Hiding Places

Today, Parker came over after school for a few hours.  There were lots of kicked balls and sand castles.  However, the majority of the time outside was spent playing hide and seek.  Here are the highlights!

Hiding under the sandbox lid.

Parker hiding behind the water table lid.

They forgot the turtle lid this time.

Hide your shoes, Parker!!


An A+ for effort!!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014


When this face says, "Momma, will you paint my 'toenills'?"
I always say yes!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I wonder...

...how much longer we'll all be able to fit in the recliner together.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Progression of a mess

Granny Lerion got B&B some kind of special sand for Easter.  I can't remember the exact name but it came from Cracker Barrel and I plan to buy more.  They got hours (and I do mean hours) of enjoyment out of it.  However I'm sad to say most of it is now gone.  We've still got enough left to build a few castles...for now.  Here is why.
We started out the day playing with it in the same box from last night.
They were working hard, building castles, keeping it in the box.
Then they decided to use some other toys as molds too.  And it seemed fun to move it from one bucket to another.  Things started to get a little more spread out.
I asked them to stop several times and help me pick up all the sand, we would, and they'd go right back to playing.  But by the end of the day it looked like this.
I'm not even sure how they made such a mess. They weren't going crazy throwing it or anything.  Just playing.  I salvaged what I could and shop vac'd the rest!  I'll take 10 minutes of cleanup for 6 hours of play time any day of the week.:)

Sunday, April 20, 2014


When we got up this morning the Easter Bunny had left tracks leading to some Easter basket surprises.  Brooks was the first to get up.  He said, "Hey!  There's some footprints!"
He was able to find his basket and promptly dump it out.
He sorted out all his stuff with Daddy.
Brynn followed the tracks when she got up and was excited about her basket too.  Her favorite things were jewelry & candy.
Bailee watched her bro & sis go through their baskets and then for her Easter surprise she got to try sweet potatoes for the first time.
Easter grass and candy and toys and buckets and eggs were all over the house all day.  But that's fine, I wouldn't want it any other way.

Happy Birthday Pa Lyle!

Today is Pa Lyle's birthday.  He is 82 years young.  We celebrated on Friday at Mom and Dad's with dinner and sugar free cheese cake.

These kids never want to pass up a chance to wear party hats and use noise makers,
Or to blow out candles!
It was a fun party. This is my favorite picture from the night.  The oldest member of our family and the youngest member of our family. He's 984 months old and she's 7 months old.:)
Happy Birthday, Pa!  We love you.

Easter at P-Pa & Nana's

Saturday we spent the day with this group of family and friends.  
We had a fun time eating lunch and catching up with everyone.

But what everyone was waiting for was the egg hunt!  

The only thing better than hunting eggs is finding out what's inside of them!

There was also an adult egg hunt this year (thanks to Aunt Jenny for the great prizes).  Here's all the "big kids" lined up & ready to hunt!
Brynn helped me.  We found several eggs.  Including one with a dollar prize.
Bailee slept through the egg hunts.  Mostly on her cousin Kayla.
But she also hung out with almost everyone there are one point or another.  Here she is with Granny Lerion.
And her cousin Emily.  Per her usual she was happy all day.
Carter has a ballgame & got there late so the kids had a second egg hunt with him.
We had so much fun I could do 20 different posts about this day!  Love making these memories.