Sunday, May 9, 2010

Picture time

Here's what it's like trying to get a picture of Parker and Tracie together - not easy!!

Parker playing with Tracie's necklace instead of looking a the camera.....

Parker with a mouth full of bread.....
Both Parker and Tracie not looking at the camera.....bear in mind I am directly in front of them saying, "Look at the camera!"....

Trace remembers to look at the camera, but Parker gets distracted....again....

This was the best shot I got, and the sun was so bright Parker's face is shaded by his cap. Oh well, it's still a pretty cute pic!

What did we do before digital cameras and memory cards!?!?

Bird Man

Parker likes to chase pigeons. We were at the park yesterday and logged some excellent pigeon chasing time. Here is Parker eyeing the pigeons from across the way. He is in "on your mark, get set, go mode"...
Running toward and screaming at the pigeons....
Still running and screaming....I think stomping was added at this point as the birds weren't too scared.
Giving up trying to scare them, giving them bread crumbs as an afternoon snack.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Back Yard

In this corner of the yard there is over 3 feet of water. Notice Parker's car floating around in the lake we've got.

Its hard to tell because these are camera phone pictures, but on this side the water is above the swings on the playset.
I made these about 9:00am, and there isn't much hope of the rain letting up today.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Flood Chasers

Mom and Dad are at our house this weekend. Mom and I decided to brave the rain and go to the store this afternoon. Here are some of the pics Mom took of the flooding around our neighborhood and Mt. Juliet.....
This is our neighborhood pond. It's not usually so high that it is in peoples actual back yards, but we thought this was a nice shot with the bird doing some fishing!
These two pics are of a strip mall close to our neighborhood on Mt. Juliet road. Not good.

We had passed this strip mall going to the store and when we were finished grocery shopping and heading home the road was blocked. We had to take an alternate route home!
This is a pic from the road that runs by the back side of our neighborhood. Usually, a small stream is running where you see the massive flooding overtaking the tractor.

It will be interesting to see if it is even worse tomorrow!!! Eeek!