Friday, February 28, 2014

Personal Protective Equipment

Tonight was bath night, so the splint had to come off.  We replaced it with a metal one that protects both sides.  This is a better option since Brooks does everything at a high rate of speed with little regard to safety.

You can see part of the puzzle he received for being an excellent patient.

It really matches his new Mickey Mouse PJs! As I finish this blog entry, he is running around the house at a high rate of speed with no regards to personal safety! Not sure if this is a bad sign for the future or not!! Ha!

worried or grateful?

Today Brooks got to meet with an orthopedic doctor to determine what kind of treatment was needed for his broken finger.  They took us back & gave him an Elmo coloring sheet.  That kept us busy for awhile.
We talked A LOT about everything that was in the room but this was the funniest conversation we had.  
"Mommy, why is there a shower in here?"  See pic...
Me, "It's not a shower, it's a light." Brooks, "A light that looks like a shower??  Hummm.  That's weird."

So his doctor is Dr. Diamond.  When he first came in he high fived Brooks & talked to him for a minute.  Then Brooks said to me, "Who's that?" while pointing to the doctor.  I said, it's your doctor, buddy.  Brooks goes, "No, momma.  He just looks like a Daddy, he's not even wearing a coat."  A resident was in the room too.  They started laughing & said they had both taken off their white coats before they came in because sometimes that seemed to scare kids.  They said maybe they should go get them to prove their credentials to Brooks. (His pediatrician always wears a white coat.) Luckily Dr. Diamond has a little one Brooks's age so he spoke very fluent 2 year old.:) 
Brooks was a very good listener & did everything the doctor asked.  We left with several different kinds of splints and go back in two weeks for another X-ray to see how it's healing.
I'm not sure if I should be grateful or worried that a broken bone has not slowed him bit.:)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Broken Finger

I got a call from preschool this morning that I needed to come and get Brooks.  His finger had been accidentally shut in a door by another kid.  I was just about to walk out the door to go get my hair cut & colored when I got the call.  On my way to get him I called & cancelled my hair appointment with probably 15 minutes notice.  I've NEVER had to do that to anyone in my life.  She didn't mind.  I was texting with her later and she said "hair can always wait, broken fingers can not".
I picked up Brooks & took him to see his doctor, which was literally right across the street.  Brooks was still pretty upset at this point. 

But then we stopped talking about the finger & started reading books.  Things started to get better.
And he started naming animals.  Here he's saying "horse".
And then we started making Bailee smile.  Here she is hanging out...being good.  
Finally the doctor came in & said he thought it might be broken.  He also said his fingernail is going to fall off.  Urgh. But that it will grow back just fine.
So we had to go for an x-ray.  Brooks had a snack of crackers while we waited our turn for an x-ray.
He got to sit in Momma's lap for his X-ray.  He was a great listener, did exactly what they asked & thought the whole thing was fun.  Bailee was asleep in her carseat.
Here are the x-rays:
And here's what happened on the way home.
Here's what the finger looked like this afternoon:
Mommy & T T made it a 'cast' so that it would remind Brooks to not use it.
He goes to an orthopedic doctor in the morning to find out what kind of treatment he's going to need.  Hopefully just a little splint! 

It's cold again

The only thing good about the return of cold weather is Bailee needed this cute hat to keep her warm and toasty while she helped drop off B&B at preschool.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tea Party

This morning was Tea with Mom at B&B's preschool.  There wasn't really any tea, but there was muffins, fruit, bagels and punch.  Bailee also came.  She got to sit to the side with Luke's little brother.  She was very good & liked watching everything that was going on.
After our snack, we did a craft together.
They had taken pictures last week and framed them with foam teapots.  We decorated the teapots with stickers.
And then Ms. Kathrin read us a book.
It was a fun tea party!

"I did it myself!"

That's what Brooks said about putting on his jeans this morning....

Monday, February 24, 2014

Morning time

This morning b&b are having pancakes & spinach and cheese omelet for breakfast.
And Bailee is relaxing and watching some tv from a soft bed of laundry.:)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hooray for warm days in February

Another warm February day today.  That means most of the day was spent outside.  P-Pa and Nana came for a surprise visit and we all went to go see the land Aunt TT and Uncle Joey have bought to build a new house.
Bailee, here you are enjoying hiking in the woods.  Seriously, you love it. 
Brooks and Parker taking a quick rest after walking to the place the new house is going to be built.
Brooks even got a ride from P-Pa.
After a nap time on the way home, there was more playing in the back yard.  There was lots of racing.
Brynn must have been doing the "ready, set, go" on this one because she has a little bit of a head start.:)
There was discussion about what to do next.
There was bubble whacking with a bat.
And there was even a little modeling.
But if your hair is not out of control you aren't having enough fun!
So glad these cousins had a great day together.

Selfie Sunday

Momma took a break from work to pose with Bailee and me!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sunny day at the park

It was a very warm February day today.  B&B went and got a picnic lunch with Tracie, Joey & Parker and then got to play at the park.
And Brynn was very excited about her outfit for the day.  She had picked out the dress herself while shopping with Nana at Old Navy.  When I pulled it out for her to wear she said, "Oh momma, that dress is my favorite!".

Friday, February 21, 2014

Bailee can sit

Not for a long time, but she has mastered sitting up without immediately toppling over.  Sitting makes her happy.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

School day

Brooks & Brynn love going to preschool on Tuesday & Thursday.  Ms. Kathrin is their teacher and she always has something fun laid out to do while everyone is getting dropped off. Today it was puzzles.  Sometimes it's playdoh! 
And here's a couple of Brynn with her two best friends, Charley and Norah (the only other girls in the class).
I took these pictures before I left this morning.  Later in the day Aunt T T texted me these pictures of Brooks holding hands with Charley.  He talks about her A LOT.

And Brynn came home with the first "Boo Boo Report" we've ever received.  No worries.  She's no worse for the ware.